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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


In the last vacation we went to kandy.we started our journey early in the morning by train. First we went to the Ambuluwawa

It's not long distance from kandy.we have to travel their by Hatton road.First we came to Gampola town. If you take public bus service you can be their within 45 minutes from Gampola town.when you come to the entrance you have to buy the tickets and have to climb the mountain three-wheeler .when you come to the top of the mountain you can see whole Gampola town and also Kandy area. You can see beautiful mountain range surround Ambuluwawa.
                         It's a multi cultural place.and also there are tunnels. You can go to the top of the tower by using that tunnels. When you go to the top of the tower you will be feel like that you are on a clouds. And also there is a person he gives telescope to see surround area. And he describes every things. If you are free you can go their and enjoy the beauty of the nature in Ambuluwawa.

Ella natural beauty

Srilanka is a small Island.but it's rich with natural beauty. There are so many beautiful places. The weather, climate and also environment always changing rapidly. When you visit to srikanka you can enjoy and feel these changes. Because of these reason. Srikanka become a tourist paradise. So today we travelled to see the beautiful places in srikanka. This time we went to Ella .
                                   In this article we are going to give some small information about Ella and the places you can see in this area. You have to come to Ella by Ella wallawaya road.and also you can use Bandarawela road as well as Badulla road.
 When you come to Ella you can be see its like a tourist paradise. When you are going to the Ella there are so many places  you can visit. Such as,
1.)Rawana fall
2.)Rawana cave
3.)Punchi siripade
4.)Ella gap
5.)Nine arach bridge
6.)Demodara railway station
7.)Ella Rock

These are the most popular places in this area.instead of Ella kanda you can visit to other places within one day.we hope to share information  about each place in our next article

Monday, December 19, 2016

meemure chapter 2

This is the first day of our travel. So it was hard to ready our people  Early in the morning we started to travel in the village. That was the first time we saw the beauty of this village  because last day we went to this village at night. So we were unable to see the village. Then we realized the beauty of this village and we felt the beauty of this village.
We had to travel across the vegetable farms,paddy fields and across the small streams. It was a wonderful travel. "Suriya arana" is one of the most popular movie in srikanka. So many backgrounds were created in this village for that movie.
Our friend Mayura had organized wonderful events for our travel. There are very adventurous events .such as diving, sliding, fish therapy. We had a chanced to get wonderful experiences because of our friend Mayura and his team Yamn .they organized everything very carefully and they used very protective tricks.we spend our time happily.we spend the scenic beauty of the village .as well as we should tell you that if you want to travel meemure, so you should travel with" Yaman".and we invite all of you to come and spend this nature and we request from you don't do any harmful things for this environment  and we really appreciate our friend Mayura  (baita) we regret you very much on behalf of " Thirikkale "